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The quality-oriented methods, followed by us for flood restoration operations, include:

1.    Carpet Cleaning Methods:

•    Steam Cleaning: In this type of cleaning, hot water and steam are pressurized on the dirty carpet and then sucked back with the help of vacuum. When the water is sucked back, it takes along with all the dirt resting on the carpet.

•    Encapsulation Cleaning: In this type of cleaning, buffer pad, little amount of water and a chemical solution with crystallization capabilities is used. The chemical solution is sprayed on the carpet, which in turn crystallizes taking along with all the dirt. We allow it to sit for some time and then pick up the accumulated dirt with the help of a buffer pad.

2.    Upholstery Cleaning Methods:

•    Steam Cleaning: Your sofas that have caught moisture and odor can be cleaned simply by steam vacuuming them with furniture vacuum nozzle.

•    Changing Covers: The moistened sofa covers may fade out or even look stained, for the same reason it becomes important to change the sofa seat covers.

3.    Hard Floor Cleaning Methods:

•    Polish Floors: Our team would apply high-quality polish on the floor which in turn would help transform dull looking and dirty floor into a clean and shiny one. The polish would also kill bacteria as it contains the anti-bacterial solution in it.

•    Stone and Tile Cleaning: Our team will rub, soap clean and degrease the stones and tiles of the place concerned to improve the appearance of the floor and also eliminate bacteria present on affected stones and tiles.

After all the cleaning methods have been implemented, our team would spray pest controls and even odor management solutions around the place. This will help put away all the mold and bacteria and bad odor caused due to the entrance of contaminated water.


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